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E-Series EA-180 UV Lamp


EA-180 E-Series UV LAMP

E-Series of Spectroline, 365nm, 1 x 8 watt BLB tube (120V/60Hz) Lamps with unfiltered tubes produce higher UV intensity while double-tube units provide broader UV coverage than their single-tube counterparts. Color-coded on/off switches, conveniently located at the top of the units, put irradiance control at your fingertips. The anodized-aluminum lamp housings are extremely rugged and durable. All lamps include a removable carrying handle. An optional lamp stand, shown at right, is available for hands-free operation.

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The compact E-Series of Spectroline lamps provide various combinations of long, medium and/ or short wave UV. A corrosion-resistant, specular-aluminum reflector optimizes UV irradiance. All SW and MW models feature a unique LONGLIFE™ filter glass for higher initial UV transmission and maximum resistance to solarization. These lamps are available in choices of integrally filtered LW tubes (BLB) or unfiltered UV tubes with or without separate filter assemblies.

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