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The food sector got to fulfill strict regulations and norms because the products that it produces must be suitable for human consumption. Non-destructive tests help with the reliability of the equipment that ensures the quality of the food produced.

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Inspection of Pressure Containers, Tanks and Storage Silos

In the food industry the inspection of tanks and storage silos is crucial because if a pollutant agent gets in the process it can generate the loss of a whole product load.
On the other hand, pressure vessels are used for different processes in the food industry and their proper functioning is crucial for a good product.
The containers or tanks walls can be inspected using industrial ultrasound to monitor their thickness. It is vital to inspect connections and areas susceptible to failures. In the case of the tanks if the dimension allows it the floor inspection can be inspected with the MFL technique.


Inspection of pipes installed in heat exchangers

Heat exchangers are standard components of the food industries due to the temperature requirements in some processes. But it is important to emphasize that many times the materials of the exchangers are special so that they are compatible with food regulations and norms, so inspection techniques may vary depending on the heat exchanger itself. That is why for this type of inspection it is recommended that it is executed by an expert. The techniques applicable are:

– Eddy Currect Inspection
– Remote Field Inspection
– Internal Rotary Inspection System (I.R.I.S)


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