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The industrial manufacturing sector is one of the most important pillar of several industries. This sector is This sector is highly related to engineering since manufacturing processes cover both the design and the raw material to be used until the manufacturing itself. Therefore, this industry has very high quality requirements and that is why the need for tools that make guarantee a good job and also make it easier.

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Verification of Raw Material

Raw material is an essential part of the final product, we can say that it brings the product’s they quality. Obviously suppliers must demonstrate that their raw material has the minimum quality for the requirement but errors can occur. With a good material analysis tool the manufacturer can make sure that the raw material he obtained is the one he bought.

Coating Thickness

There are many components that carry a final coating that must be within a defined range of thicknesses. Failure to comply with this requirement can generate various problems depending on the component.
To facilitate this task, there are several film thickness meters that can generate such an accurate reading that it will eliminate the problems associated with the thicknesses of the coatings.

Welding Beads

They’re a constant in the products manufacture, used to join metal parts and unify them into one piece.
The integrity of the weld bead is crucial to ensure the reliability of the manufactured part. There are two widely used techniques for the inspection of cords, which would be:

Discern between which inspection technique to use is very important, that is why we leave you the following link COMING SOON

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