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The aviation industry is one that has to have the most exhausting inspections for the kind of services that it brings. Non-destructive tests are a need to ensure the reliability of the aircraft, multiple techniques are used in this sector. The most used would be remote visual inspection, induced currents and industrial ultrasound.

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Panel Type Structures Inspection – “Honeycomb”

Many of the airplanes components are honeycomb type. The inspection used for this kind of structure is the ultrasonic one, specifically the through transmission technique. In this technique, the emitting transducer is placed on one side of the piece and the receiver on the other side.
However, the trough transmission technique has certain limitations. It will be known that there are indications but we won’t know how depth they are. This is why after an industrial radiography inspection should be carried.

Aeronatical Turbines Inspection

This inspection is crucial for the aviation industry, the assurance that the acceptance criteria are met is an essential requirement. These components require measurements and image captures in zones where access, lighting and maneuvering space is extremely limited.
Today’s equipment has the technology to carry out these inspections without difficulty.

Inspection by remote visual inspection

Inspection of Multi-layer Aluminum Structures

Aluminum components aren’t immune to corrosion processes and in the aviation industry there are many multi-layer elements made of aluminum. The location of corrosion is of the utmost importance to ensure integrity.

For this inspection an array of induced currents can be used

Some of our products for these segments

Some of our products for these segments

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