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New Nikon Microscopes in Educational Centers in Ecuador

Nikon Microscopes sale

in Educational Centers in Ecuador

In February 2020, members of our headquarters in Ecuador supplied new models of Nikon microscopes for two educational centers. The Eclipse Series MA200 models were delivered to mechanics departments to facilitate students and teachers research and practice.

The general manager of our headquarters in Ecuador, Marco Moncerrate, was in charge of delivering the inverted microscopes to the two Educational Centers with the purpose of supporting them in the installation of the equipment and training the staff in the use of the microscope.

The Eclipse MA200, a new-type inverted metallurgical microscope for the material science world that enables microstructural observation, and evaluation and analysis of a variety of materials, including metals, ceramics and polymers. The uniquely designed cube-shaped microscope provides solutions for research and development, and for inspection and quality assurance in the automotive and materials-related industries.

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