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Visit of the Zingametall Representative to Ecuador.

Visit of the Zingametall Representative to Ecuador.

In November 2019, Grupo Testek participated in large industrial and business events in Ecuador, which opened the way to new commercial relationships that will favor the productivity of Ecuadorian industries and the maintenance of their infrastructures.

Visit of the Zingametall Representative to Ecuador-mcscorpusa-NEWS
On the left Dimitris Saverys. Photo: Archive

One of the main events was held by the Belgian consulate in Ecuador, with the organization of the companies: ADEX, Flanders Investment & Trade and Primoris, where businessmen from Ecuador and Belgium were present. Engineer Dimitris Saverys, representative of Zingametall (Belgium), participated in the event, where he had the opportunity to invite the brand’s distributor, Grupo Testek from Ecuador, and its main customers to publicize more about its products, applications and the market they can cover.

On the other hand, the representative of Zingametall, during his stay in Ecuador, also visited the La Libertad refinery, in Ciudad La Libertad, on the coast of Ecuador and other refineries in the Sierra, to publicize more about the ZINGA product, its advantages and promote the approval of the cold galvanizing product in public and private companies, and also achieve new alliances between suppliers.

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